Monday, August 30, 2010

Michael Jackson is D.E.A.D

Don't get me wrong, MJ's music is great, and I don't mind it at all, in fact I even own a couple of his cd's. He has however been dead for over a year now (June 25, 2009) and I think it's time to let go. I talk not of his music fans, who may treasure him forever, but rather the people that seem to want to keep milking his last years for all the cash they can get! They are still advertising "This is It" every 5 minutes on TV and they seem to conjur up "7 minutes of never before seen footage" every other day. May his legacy live on forever, but only through how he wanted it, his music. (I could be wrong :P)


  1. Stepping out of character here: I totally agree. I love MJ *and* his music, he was a great person, no matter what lies were told about him, and his music will remain an important part of my life.

  2. I agree with you MJ was awesome.

    cool blog showing my support!
    please return the favour :)

  3. Hey hilarious blog. I refreshed a couple times. Clicked ads a couple times. Thanks man. Follow me if you want.

  4. I completely agree with you.

    Let the poor guy rest in peace.

    He'll live on forever through his music, but this general asshatery needs to come to an end.

    Just doing the rounds.

    Take care :).